Your next steps toward big savings.

Your comfort is our priority. Designed with your best interests in mind, the Home Energy Analysis program helps you intelligently cut costs by implementing energy-efficiency standards that improve your home's comfort.

Consumers Energy is here for you every step of the way. Together, we'll guide you toward a more energy efficient home with these simple steps:

  • Contact us. Schedule online or call 888-316-8014 to request an assessment from one of our trained analysts.
  • Walkthrough. A trained analyst visits your home and performs an initial walkthrough with you to help identify your energy-saving opportunities. 
  • Direct install. With your approval, energy-saving measures may be installed throughout your home, including LED bulbs and nightlights, showerheads, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, and water heater pipe insulation. Eligibility for product installations is determined at time of your appointment.
  • Customizable report. The findings are entered into an online tool to create a personalized report just for you.
  • Take comfort. On average, a customer participating in the Home Energy Analysis program receives about $50 worth of energy saving measures, which provides an estimated savings of $100 to $150 after the first year.